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About me 



Luckily for me, I have been blessed with a wonderful gift, that is creativity, which comes with ease.  There is not a moment in the day where I am not thinking about and devising an artistic activity that involves transforming an idea into reality! 


Emotional responses to my immediate surroundings particularly nature and environment captures my imagination.  Even in the most ordinary of events shapes and colours resonate;  reconnecting I express my emotions through colour and form to elevate the subject.


In the representational still life paintings the images are recognisable, but there is also a non spoken language that reflects my vision


In addition, in my abstract work, it is the process of building up complex layers and the use of materials is as equally important. It explores chance experimentation, which is spontaneous and is a nonconscious process that is revealing.



I want to convey a sense of atmosphere so that people can use as an anchor and relate to the work reflecting on their own lives. 

qualified 2:1 BA(Hons) Fine Art - 2012

qualified DipHE Costume Design Interpretation - Royal Central School Speech & Drama

owner of business SuperStar Face Painting 



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