Artist Statement

My name is Cherie and I am an artist who lives in Essex. 

My work responds to city spaces and the natural environment. Both rural and urban space is key. Modern cities are defined by office buildings, skyscrapers and architecture that can become industrious and hostile. My intention is to gain a sense of utopianism in response to those environments we are surrounded by everyday that can restrict us, are claustrophobic and man-made. Within the natural world I feel a sense of freedom. The rural landscape has infinite possibilities from which to produce artwork that captures the rhythmic contours of nature.  Reconnecting with the natural environment, I express my emotions through colour and form with paint, rather than depicting imitative representation to reflect how I feel. In addition, the process of making, building up complex layers and use of materials is as equally important. It explores chance experimentation and other organic processes that echo my overall intention to gaining a sense of release, an emotional engagement with the work.